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“She is legit”

Because of Katie’s programs, I put a bikini on (in public) for the first time in over 10 years. Almost a year later, I am still working with Katie to achieve my fitness goals and she has been there every step of the way. Also, Katie has helped me gain the confidence I lacked and teaches me about balance in life. Needless to say, I am a VERY satisfied customer. I have recommended family, friends and co-workers to Katie and everybody agrees, she is legit, and her programs work. Thank you Katie!!


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“She changed my life”

I cannot recommend Katie enough! She not only transformed my body but she also changed my life. I learned a whole new way of living and became a stronger, healthier and happier person. I'm not saying it was easy but she gave me the tools and guidance for me to push myself 110% of the time and achieve something I never thought possible. I'm happy to say I learned some of my greatest life lessons along the journey and will continue to work with Katie for years to come!


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“I have motivation”

Before working with Katie I was extremely self conscious, I lacked motivation, and I had terrible eating habits. Since working with Katie my entire life has transformed!! My self confidence rises every day, I'm eating nutritious foods that I never would've even tried before, and my motivation has sky rocketed! Now, I could never imagine a life without Katie Miller as my coach


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“I can’t thank her enough”

When Katie first asked me my goals, I told her I wanted to lose weight and learn how to lift. Four months later, I am proud to say that I have lost over 25 pounds and can confidently go to the gym and lift weights on my own. Katie brought out a side of dedication and motivation that I had never seen in myself. I can never thank her enough for the life knowledge and training she has given me


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“This program has taught me so much”

The road to achieve your health and fitness goals is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one - a lesson I quickly learned when I joined Katie's coaching. Katie really pushed all of my limits and from her believing in us we slowly began to believe in ourselves more and more. This program taught me so much about fitness and really sparked an interest and a fire in me that I didn’t know existed. Thanks to Katie I’ve gained intangible confidence, support, and knowledge that will make any challenge I give myself attainable. I definitely recommend her if you need any level of help or accountability in reaching your goals.


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“She gave me pivotal advice”

While working with Katie, not only did I lose 16lbs and returned to my pre-baby body, but Katie also gave me some pivotal advice. After just having a baby I was going through some postpartum obstacles one week and with my check in, I kind of spilled my heart out to her and she gave me a beautiful, thoughtful, eye opening message back. It was exactly what I needed to hear in that exact moment of my life. Thank you, Katie! Overall, while I was under her program I gained self-discipline, accountability, lost ALL my baby weight, and I learned how to cope. All of this VIRTUALLY!”



“You put a lot of effort”

You are seriously one of the hardest working in your field… I can tell you really put a lot of effort into the planning and it has made the execution of this so easy.

-Meredith G.


“It helped me gain control”

This was much more than a physical transformation for me.. this program healed my relationship with food. It helped me gain control of my life again & feel comfortable in my own body.

–Brittany H.


“I gained so much knowledge”

Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this program! It’s been such a blessing and I have learned a lot about myself and proper nutrition and I am taking away so much knowledge and a more positive mindset physically, mentally, and spiritually!

–Ciera L.


“My mental perspective has changed”

This program has been soooo good for me. Besides seeing physical changes, I think my mental perspective on food has completely changed. I used to be afraid to eat because I thought it would make me gain weight but I now know that it fuels me and makes me stronger! Thank you for this incredible breakthrough.”

–Kate W.


“You are amazing”

You are amazing and I still apply everything from last year in my maintenance phase right now. I still can’t believe how much you helped my restrict and overindulge cycle.” -Annie W.


“I can’t tell people enough about you”

“I cannot tell women who have struggled moderation or stuck in self-sabotage habits (yo-yo dieting) enough about you and your coaching style!

-Taylor C.

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“I learned how to live a balanced lifestyle”

This program has taught me how to not worry so much on tracking my food but more so eating healthy and delicious foods. I’ve learned how to live a balanced lifestyle and make it so it’s not an everyday challenge. “ -Alyssa K.

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“You give me flexibility”

I’ve loved working with you over the years! There’s no one else I trust more. I stick to it because I know it works, and you give me the flexibility to indulge in cravings in healthy doses! You are such a great coach

–Amanda B.

I need to tell you one more time how wonderful you are and how you really helped me accomplish something I had tried many other times to do. I eat more now than I have in years and who would believe you can increase your metabolism of someone my age!! Thank you! God bless your ability to coach and help others in their goals. –Sue

I loved every second of your program. I am so much more confident in myself. Not only in the way I look (which is amazing) but the way my mentality has completely shifted! I am much more comfortable around food and know when to stop when I am full. Mindless snacking has pretty much ended and I do not feel guilty about indulging in moderation.- Annonymous